San Francisco

San Francisco has a lot of major tourist attractions – the cable cars, the Golden Gate Bridge, Fishermans Wharf. Each one is fun and exciting.

But the real San Francisco are its varied neighbourhoods – each different and unique. So join me for an excellent adventure.

The Golden Gate Park

Golden Gate Park

It’s one of the most amazing places – Golden Gate Park.

Picturesque, expansive – 1,017 acres – more than 13 million people visit it yearly.

The park has lakes, monuments, playgrounds, picnic areas.

There are plenty of events and activities you can enjoy.

So let’s tour the park.


Entrance To Chinatown

San Francisco’s Chinatown reminds you of Hong Kong – streets filled with restaurants, grocery stores, specialty stores selling Chinese herbs, herbal medicines, places you can have your fortune told, have your palms read, plenty of legitimate massage parlours – an endless array of colourful, vibrant, stores wanting your business.

Little Italy

Little Italy

Little Italy – unique, different. Plenty of great Italian grocery stores, deli’s, coffee shops – great hangouts for the locals.

Castro Area

Castro Area

Vibrant, eclectic, stylish shops, great entertainment spots, lively bars, great restaurants.

The whole area with its own unique vibe and perspective.

The streets are filled with fabulous, restored, Victorian homes, heritage streetcars, stores filled with unique and one-of-a-kind merchandise, gay iconic landmarks – Harvey Milk Plaza, the Castro Theatre.

Union Square

A great oasis, a place to relax, to enjoy people watching, checking out the numerous vendors.

And the square is surrounded by great shops for shopping, by hotels to either stay at, enjoy some drinks at fabulous bars or great food at terrific restaurants.

San Francisco – cool, vibrant, a must on your bucket list.

Every Wednesday, veteran journalist, George Froehlich, gets personal – sharing with you, his amazing travel destinations, his wonderful recipes, art he loves, music he enjoys.
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