New York

This city has it all – 24/7, 365 days a year.

A city you never get tired of.

We have been to New York so many times that its hard to remember precisely how many times.

But 10 times for sure.

So today let’s preview what’s in store for you today – the Waldorf Astoria in all its Art Deco splendour, Viva Little Italy, the splendour of MOMA and the Met, the magic of Broadway.

Who would think that visiting a hotel can be exciting and amazing?

There is one – special and unique.

The Waldorf Astoria

Waldorf Astoria Main Entrance

The hotel opened in 1931 and was the largest and tallest hotel in the world. It is situated right across one of the major entrances of Central Park. It occupies an entire block in midtown Manhattan – the biggest Art Deco building in the world.

The hotel is a perfect example of dramatic Art Deco, design, motifs, paintings, architecture – spectacular.

Art Deco Clock In The Hotel Lobby

The slideshow reveals the grandiosity and magnificence of the Art Deco style throughout the hotel.

Everything about the hotel is out of this world – having a drink in the bar, Sunday brunch or afternoon tea – we did it all, several times.

The hotel is closed for renovations costing more than $1 billion (U.S.) and expects to reopen in 2023.

Little Italy

Little Italy

Little Italy now consists of three blocks on Mulberry Street – populated by all things Italian – restaurants, bakeries and grocery stores.

Some restaurants go back to the Prohibition era, many were frequented by some of the biggest mafio’s of the day.

Little Italy once was a crime hub for the mob – John Gotti, Ignazio “The Wolf” Lupo, Peter DeFeo and Matty the Horse Ianniello, among others.

A lot of the bars and restaurants where these crime bosses hung out are no longer around, but Umberto’s Clam House is.
Joe Gallo was shot five times in the back of the restaurant and stumbled out to the street, where he died.

The food at Umbertos is typical Italian – down to earth, rustic and full of flavour.

The Metropolitan Museum Of Art
Truly one of the world’s greatest museums – a treasure trove of art dating back to the dawn of civilization to the present.

The collection is so large – that would need to visit the museum daily for three months in order to see it all.

Main Entrance Metropolitan Museum Of Art

This slideshows shows some of the art you will see – from the dawn of civilization to the present.

The Museum of Modern Art – MoMA

For the world’s best collection of modern art – MoMA is the one.

Museum Entrance

This slideshows shows you a part of the collection in the museum.

Magical – but it’s more than just seeing great shows.

It’s a total experience – going for dinner at some great restaurants within walking distance from your show theatre, or dinner after the show.


There are plenty of restaurants to choose from.

Our favourite – Une Deux Trois, a terrific French bistro.

The Restaurant Serves Terrific Parisian Bistro Food

The interior is spectacular and so is the food.

New York – can’t wait till our next trip.

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