Charcuterie is perfect.

Perfect for a great dinner with infinite variety – ingredients with different tastes and textures – requiring no cooking.

Traditional charcuterie consists of various cured meats served on a board.

But now it is much more wide-ranging.

Now it can be various thin-sliced meats, cheese of any kind, condiments that go well with meat and cheese such as fruit, olives, nuts, spreads.

Charcuterie was borne out of necessity – when refrigeration was not available – smoke, salt, aging, used to preserve the meat.

The key to a fantastic charcuterie dinner – be creative, use of variety of goodies and use top quality ingredients.

Here is our guide to a terrific charcuterie dinner.

First start with great bread and some cut-up vegetables

Next, various cuts of meat, salami, prosciutto, ham, with condiments such as fresh fruit, olives and nuts, work well.

Fish – smoked fish, shrimps, fresh crab meat – also are terrific for Charcuterie.

Last, but not least, present your Charcuterie, in a great setting, a pretty table, dishes, is a must.

Remember – we eat as much with our eyes as we do with our stomach.