San Gimignano

Tuscany is a special place.

Few places in the world come close.

Many Tuscan towns are magical.

San Gimignano is one of them.

Set atop a hill – surrounded by the lush Tuscan landscape – this small walled 700-year-old town is unique – you are going back into history – medieval architecture and towers dominating the landscape.

Once a stopover for pilgrims on route to Rome it is arguably Italy’s most beautiful medieval town.

Cobbled streets adding to the ambience, old shops, treasure troves, filled with old, new and contemporary goodies.

Gorgeous restaurants, overlooking the valley below, bathed in magnificent sunshine, serving fantastic Italian food and stunning wines, await you.

Be sure to take a cooking class so when you get home you can make some of those classic Tuscan dishes. And let’s not forget the famous white wine from the Vernaccia grape – mentioned in Dante’s Inferno – grown in adjacent vineyards.

To use an Italian phrase this place is -Mozzafiat – breathtaking.

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