Santos de la Torre Santiago

Santos de la Torre Santiago – one world’s most renowned Huichol artists.

His best known work is in Paris – The Thought and the Huichole Soul.

Located in the subway station of the Louvre Museum in Paris.
It consists of 80 independent boards, thirty centimeters squares assembled in a mosaic two meters high and three meters wide. 

He used two million, two-millimeter pearls, to create this masterpiece.

 The different elements are arranged in a horizontal triptych. The first thirty panels represent the underground worlds, the next twenty the earth, the last thirty the sky, all elements of Huichol mytholoy. 

Mexico City, Chicago, and other Mexican cities display his works.

The Huichol have a long history of beading as an art form – steeped in religious and symbolic traditions.

In the past beads were made from clay, shells, corrals and seeds.

Today that no longer is the case with commercial beads being used.

However, even though the beads have changed the designs have changed little, many retaining their religious and symbolic significance.

Huichol art is deeply ingrained in their culture – everyday people making great pieces.

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