After checking in, time to head upstairs to your spacious and elegant room.

And now you’re ready?

Ready to have a drink, chill out and unwind. So you head down to the hotel’s Blue Bar, one of my favourite bars anywhere.

If the bar is not your cup of tea you can always relax in the hotel lobby, have something to eat or just read the New York Times, several copies are neatly displayed on a rack.

And Matilda, the hotel mascot, usually hangs out by reception keeping an eye on everyone.

The Algonquin, a designated New York landmark, opened in 1902 and is best known for hosting many theatrical and literary figures.

Every Sunday Dorothy Parker, poet extraordinaire, novelist, raconteur, sharp, acid-tongued commentator on New York society hosted the Algonquin Round Table, a gathering of New York’s literary giants.

Dorothy Parker
The Algonquin Round Table

One of our favourite restaurants is a four minute walk from the hotel. It’s an authentic French bistro, tiled floors, high ceilings, lots of brass and deep dark wood – Cafe Un, Deux, Trois. It’s a favourite hangout for a lot of the Broadway actors, all the theatres are close by. For the actor Christoper Walken the place is one of his favourite hangouts. Over the years we saw him often, kibitzing with the staff at the back of the bistro, having lunch with them.

After dinner, it’s a another quick stroll to see the lights of Times Square and then back to the hotel for some much-needed sleep.